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Who we are?

WE EXIST To change the way digital advertising works

MenaMarketPlace (MMP) is the leader in the programmatic advertising space across the MENA region. We assist the region’s leading publishers to better monetize their digital advertising inventory through automated online auctions and private marketplaces. Through our strategic partnership with publishers, we provide media buyers access to targeted inventory.

Our strategic collaboration is a blend of technology and commitment that creates a brand-safe and automated online marketplaces for publishers and media buyers across the region.

The Programmatic
Ecosystem Framework

What we offer?

Equipped with the right technology platforms and expertise, we empower our publishers and media buyers like never before.

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Video

Powered by different premium technology platforms, we created a marketplace that it is brand-safe for leading advertisers and protect premium valuation of publishers’ websites allowing both to outperform competition and ensure results.

  • Allow buyers to choose into wide array of verticals relevant to their advertising campaigns ensuring higher returns competition and ensure business goals.

    Run of MMP
  • Allow buyers to choose into wide array of verticals relevant to their advertising campaigns ensuring higher returns

  • Media Buyers can access one specific url for a direct deal. Publishers do the negotiations

    Advanced Deals
  • Ensures higher priority and maximum delivery of impressions as fast as possible

    Run of Impact
  • Buyers can capture the first few impressions of each unique user

    First Look
  • Provide leverage by collecting 1st and 3rd audience data in our Data Management Platform (DMP)


We help our publishers benefit from our high-end technology allowing multi-platform advertising with our Mobile Web and Apps.

  • Buyers can run cross-platform campaigns targeting audience through their smart phones

    Mobile Web
  • Publishers can optimize their revenues by having access to highest – paying demand sources via RTB auction

    Mobile App

We help interact more with your audience by running pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video ads on preferred audiences and video content considering a balance with the user experience.

  • Run pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads relevant to your preferred audience and video content

    Video In-Stream
  • Run overlay banner on top of video player and companion banners on other ad units of the page

    Overlay & Companion

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Connect with the premium publishers now.
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We’ve got everything for you!

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Rubicon Project is a leading technology company automating the buying and selling of advertising
A cross-platform (desktop, mobile web, mobile app, mobile heatmap) analytical tool that allows brands and publishers to run analytics on ad impressions and on content views to measure and drive attention. Moat offers 60 real-time attention metrics for display and video ads such as viewability, audibility, CTV & OTT. Moat also detects non-human traffic and provides email alerts on all forms of invalid ad traffic. One real-time dashboard that gives access to all what you need to make smarter marketing decisions.
DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a real-time marketplace partnered with the Google Display Network for buying and selling advertising. It represents another market for advertisers to bid on display advertising across the Internet.
DoubleClick Bid Manager is a demand-side platform (DSP) from Google that is used to create ad campaigns. It also provides advertisers access into the vendor-neutral RTB ecosystem of the programmatic world.

“A Selection of our Premium Publishers”

Donya Imraa
eye of riyadh
France 24
Marie Claire
Mumz World
Qatar Living
Sport 360
TTG Online
World of Yachts

“A Selection of our Premium Media Buyers”

Ad roll
Qatar Airways

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